Natural Immunotherapies for Animals

Innovation in Animal Health

Products from 4 Animals AlsterScience GmbH open up new avenues in veterinary medicine and animal husbandry. Our products strengthen the immune system of animals on a much broader scale than is possible with vaccinations against individual pathogens. Our immune therapies can be highly effective even if the pathogen is unknown beforehand. They help vaccinations trigger an enhanced immune response (adjuvants). Use in our products of these well-tolerated substances that occur naturally in the body (“immune hormones”, “cellular immunotherapies”) improves immune function in general and restores it in diseased or old animals. This reduces susceptibility to disease. In veterinary medicine there is a great need to effectively treat or even prevent immune function disorders in order to naturally eliminate pathogens. The aim is to minimize the need for subsequent treatments such as the use of antibiotics by significantly improving the animal’s resistance. This innovative strategy for strengthening the immune system is especially advantageous and highly relevant not only in terms of veterinary medicine and ethics but also for the health of animal owners.

Well Tolerated and Economical Therapies

While many animals have no problem recovering from infectious diseases or do not even become sick, infections or tumours are a special challenge and often problematic particularly in young or old animals or animals under stress. Immunomodulating drugs made available in effective and well-tolerated formulations are in high demand.

4 Animals AlsterScience targets a broad market that will initially include pets and animals in sport and subsequently livestock in order not only to help many animals but also to make therapies affordable. We will obtain marketing authorisation for treatments administered by veterinarians as well as well-tolerated formulations that can be used by animal owners themselves. Successful and affordable therapies are our goal. Our close cooperation with developers of human drugs gives us access to the latest treatment options.

Research Results Help Animals and Humans

4 Animals AlsterScience does research and development work that ultimately will benefit not only animals but also humans and plants. Intelligent use of the immune system for the prevention and treatment of diseases has a very good chance of successfully meeting the challenges of the future. Did you know that research work is underway to improve the immune system of insects to protect them from parasites (Phylogenetic Perspectives in Innate Immunity Hoffmann Science 284: 1313-1318)? Why is this relevant to our daily life? Parasite-free mosquitoes do not transmit malaria when they bite. Their bite is still annoying but imagine the huge impact if it is not infectious. Not only would animals and humans be safeguarded from the disease but also the environment would be protected because use of insecticides would no longer be required. Successful treatment of animals – no matter how small – could be vital for us, and for the whole world.

4 Animals AlsterScience knows that with this philosophy it is part of a long tradition. As so aptly stated by Rudolf Virchow, the founder of cell pathology, before the Prussian Senate in connection with combating bovine tuberculosis:

“Between animal and human medicine there are no dividing lines — nor should there be. The object is different but the experience obtained constitutes the basis of all medicine.”